AKU 3.3 Update pre Orange SPV M3100

AKU (Adaptation Kit Upgrade) 3 je vlastne upgrade operacneho systemu a prinasa niekolko noviniek.

Pre mna najuzitocnejsou je posielanie kontaktov ako vizitky cez SMS. Bezproblemov funguje aj s telefonmi inych dodavatelov ako napr Nokia.

Druha zaujimava vec je aplikacia Internet Sharing utility, ktora podstatne ulahcuje vyuzit telefon ako modem.


  • language provisioning (enabling local manufacturers to add as many languages to a device as its onboard memory can store)
  • WiFi connection wizard (new Internet Sharing utility replaces Modem Link).
  • WPA2 support for WiFi
  • Quick start wizard
  • support for 2nd display (for instance on phones with two displays)
  • better SMS handling
  • Bluetooth profile "Personal Area Network" (PAN) is added, and "Dial-Up Networking" (DUN) profile is removed.[1]
  • vCard contacts can be transferred via SMS.
  • SIM card contacts are sorted by Name in general contacts list.
  • IE now supports AJAX

Orange: http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Business%26c=OUKPage%26cid=1044134915191

HTC Wiki: http://www.htcwiki.com/page/Official+Orange+SPV+M3100+AKU+3.3+update

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